March Adventures

There are quite a lot of trail adventures to talk about, so let’s get right to it.

Back to Buckeye Falls…

A couple of days after getting back from Buckeye Falls (see previous blog), I showed the foggy waterfall photos that I took from the ridge to my trail-hiking buddy, ‘Rat Patrol’—he said he ‘fell out of (his) chair’ when he saw them.  It was soon apparent that he wanted to go back and view the falls from that vantage point for himself.  After counseling, we made plans to leave on our expedition early on a Saturday morning (March 6th).  The weather cooperated, and despite being plagued by insomnia, we were on the trail by 8 a.m.  His son Tyler, who had never been to the falls, also went on the adventure.

Buckeye Falls

Buckeye Falls


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