Summer 2011

I am not always sure what to write about for these trail-blogs—I am sure, however, I could ramble on for hours about ‘trail magic’, ‘trail maintenance’, ‘waterfalls’, and just ‘trails’ in general, but I don’t like the idea of boring people, including myself.  I suppose there is a difference between ‘quality entertainment’ high on a mountain ridge and sitting on the couch at home.  Swapping hiker stories just seems more appropriate when conversing with other hikers on the mountain trails; something, I think, is lost in translation when attempting to write it down, and the inspiration for doing so diminishes somewhat when there isn’t any interaction, feedback, or other perspectives to interpret.  And while comments and other perspectives are always welcome (providing they aren’t just cleverly disguised ‘spam’, which has been attempted) in the end it always ends up with me talking about myself and places I have hiked, which bores me.  Unfortunately, that seems to be the nature of a ‘blog’.  I would much rather be out hiking than writing about hiking, which may explain why I am so far behind in this internet-journal.  I have been told in the past, however, that reading about some of these adventures has inspired a few people to get out to the woods trails more often, which is why, I suppose, I continue.  Anyway, I am boring myself again…

Ferns along the trail

Ferns along the trail near Curly Maple Gap


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