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Hello and welcome to the 'new and improved' Trailstealth.com .

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Buckeye Falls
So, what is 'Trailstealth'?
Besides being a compilation of trail stories, action photos, and ramblings from the trails traveled, it is another place for hikers to gather and build friendships.

Obviously recreation is important to all of us; and not only is the beauty of Nature a benefit to everyone, but the rivers and forests are essential to our collective physical health, the infrastructure of our society, and in some cases, the quality of our beer. Being 'trailstealth' is an attitude that attempts to evolve as the trail evolves, leaving no trace other than footprints, taking nothing but photographs and memories--a streamlined approach that I believe is a result of a respect and love for Nature. True 'trailstealth' is something that must be self-taught, for the most part, but still it doesn't hurt to learn from others when the information is available to us. That is why we invite others to send in their trail stories and photos.

About the Author

boldar My name is 'Boulderman'.
My hiking buddies and I have put down a lot of footprints on the wilderness trails of Appalachia over the last 20+ years, and have seen and experienced some incredible things. In this time I have learned a few things about life and nature, and have also met many fascinating people. I also have been an active trail volunteer for over 18 years now (6 as a trail maintainer on the Appalachian Trail) and have worked with the ATC, the CMC, the Konnarock Crews, and trail legends Sam Waddle and 'Rat Patrol', among others. I am also an original member of the 'Rat Patrol Hiking Club', and friends with the 'Blue Blaze Hiker Trash', the 'Boone's Creek Boys', a couple of hostelries, and several 'White Blazers' that I admire for their 'stealth'.

What else can I say, it has been fun...except for the 'too wild' times where I had to drag myself out of the woods, bruised, bloody, half-blind, and usually in the dark. I have endured blizzards, flash floods, tropical storms, remnants of hurricanes, and severe droughts. But even some of those adventures weren't all that bad when I reflect back on all the things I learned from them.

Now, with the help of a fellow mountaineer who has taught himself the wizardry of web-design, we hope to provide what we hope are interesting photos galleries and a few trail stories worth telling. It is too bad we couldn't get photos of all the fascinating adventures and places we have encountered on our wilderness treks, but cameras are sometimes considered 'too heavy' for stealth-hiking (and we would have most likely broken them anyhow).

We invite everyone to check out our photo galleries, and trail stories. I shall try to keep the trail blog up to date, and add new photos when I can. We also invite you to contact us and tell us your favorite trail stories, or favorite blue-blaze--and send any photo you think entertaining or inspiring, and we shall try our best to publish them here. grayson highlands

Many thanks to the 'Web-Wizard' for all his code-slinging and hard work. In fact, this site would not exist without that wizard-like effort. And now, after having designed and built, re-designed and re-built everything on 'Trailstealth', the site is back up, and looking better than ever!