Trail Days and More…

Another month of May has come and gone, and although I didn’t get out to the woods as much as I would have liked to, there were still a few camping and hiking trips to make note of.


First off, there was ‘Trail Days’, the hiker festival in Damascus, Virginia.  I didn’t get over the mountain until Saturday afternoon, and missed out on the parade, but did receive reports about it, including ‘the good, the bad, and the ugly’.  It is not unusual for some of the hikers in the parade to dress up in strange costumes, like the fellow who wore a trash can that one year, or ’Pirate’, an infamous trail-hiker, who is known for some of his ingenious and creative getups, but having heard of the fellow wearing a pink tutu (not sure who he was), I wasn’t very upset about missing out on the parade, after all.  I also missed out on the hiker’s talent show.  Oh, well…

Trail Days 2010

Trail Days 2010


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