Trail Stories

Burned Shirt !

Like the time we were hiking South from Fox Creek (road crossing) to Damascus, Va. (50+ miler).

As we were approaching Lost Mtn. shelter I made the comment that the shirt I was wearing (that was soaked with sweat) probably needed to be burned. I probably shouldn't have said that cause later that night after I had changed into my camp clothes and had cleaned up a bit, I was hangin' that shirt on a stick by the fire so it could dry for the next day. Somehow either by Bol'Dar or myself, the shirt fell into the fire and actually did burn !!! It was a hot fire so it went quickly but as it faded away into the embers Bol'Dar said: "Well, you did say it needed to be burned" !!!!! Add laughter all around for several minutes by everyone there and you have one of the funniest angry moments I have had for some time!