Buckeye Falls, Rich Mountain Fire Tower, Chigger Ridge Overlook, and more…

Buckeye Falls…

In late February, I met up with fellow hikers Rat Patrol, his son Tyler, and Fireball for a Buckeye Falls adventure.  In case you have forgotten, or perhaps have not had the opportunity to read the hiker-blog about last year’s Buckeye Falls expedition yet (there were 2 of them, one was a solo hike), as a reminder, Rat, Tyler and I climbed the left ‘Buckeye’ ridge to get a view of the ‘big picture’.  That was a steep, gnarly climb and descent, especially with the slippery snow, but the view of the falls from that distance was rather incredible.  Having already accomplished that, and having not gazed up at the falls from the base in nearly 16 years, I was wanting to go there and experience that perspective.

Buckeye Falls

Buckeye Falls


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