Camping In Georgia and Virginia

Carter’s Lake, Georgia

Last May, I drove down through the Nantahala Gorge to Northern Georgia.  My friend, ‘Grasshopper’, had been wanting to do some camping, and it seemed like a great opportunity to just relax and check out some Georgia trails and waterfalls.  I had just a little trouble navigating my way through Ellijay, but the rest of the drive went fairly smooth, ending up at the campground on Carter’s Lake.  Grasshopper had gotten there before me and had already set up her tent.  I was feeling a bit cooked by the time I arrived, not having any air conditioning in the car, but the weather at the lake was nice and the campground was quiet.  We spend the rest of the evening getting acclimated to our camp, which was quite easy actually, partly because it had running water, electricity, and 2 conveniently located bathhouses (with hot water).  While I am not accustomed to so many comforts and luxuries when I camp, I have to admit, they were very nice to have.

Carters Lake, Georgia

Carters Lake, Georgia


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