Max Patch to Hot Springs, and More

For the 3rd consecutive year, the event known as ‘Rat’s Birthday hike’ did occur; this year, my hiking buddy, ‘Rat Patrol’, decided to hike from Max Patch to Hot Springs (NC).  One of the things I like best about the ‘Birthday hike’ is that I don’t have to plan anything…all I have to do, usually, is load up the backpack and go.  I was quite inspired to go, too–not only because Max Patch is such an awesome place, and I haven’t been there in several years, but especially since I had hiked over ‘Snowbird Mountain’ last year, and was headed toward Max Patch when my camp-stove inexplicably quit working, and I was forced to retreat back over Snowbird Mountain without food in the pouring rain.  I had already planned on going back sometime to make up for that failure.

RAT on Max Patch  (9-9-2010)

RAT on Max Patch (9-9-2010)


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